Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dermology Skin Brightener Review

I'd like to start off from the summary of this Dermology skin brightener review: Dermology is a solid company and this skin lightening cream is likely to yield positive results.

Grade: 4.7 /5 

What does this cream do?

This cream is supposed to, and successfuly obtains its objectives, make the skin brighter and appear healthier than ever before. It will reduce sun spots and other skin pigmentation disorders, but not only that: it will make the overall skin tone lighter. The results are evened-out throughout the skin surface and should have no indication what-so-ever of prior problems.

When to apply

It is recommended to apply this cream twice a day; Once in the morning, and once upon sunset. 


The effect of Dermology skin brightener cream only shows after one month of moderate usage. For some it may become effective beforehand, but in any case we are not talking about a magical lotion with an instant effect.

What is Dermology

This product is manufactured by Dermology, which is a highly accredited company with a variety of products. They have been in the business even since 2002 and accounted to be one of the best online sellers of skin care products. 

Dermology ensures the effectivness of its product by clinical testing, and being the serious company it is, it is a part of the natural product association in united states. This particular product contains vitamins E &  A and has 0 mercury content, and so are other products produced by them. 

Online reputation

A brief search on the internet will give you a variety of results for Dermology, and 95% of them are positive. You can view the youtube video below to see what people had to say about it.

Looking at's review you can find 3 different opinions: One claims it didn't work for him at all, one says it's watery and runny and had little effect and the third person claims it worked great for him. Yet, the absolute most of bloggers gave very positive opinions about the product. Some of them might be biased but it is difficult to believe so many of them are. 

Our grade

We based our grade upon testing we have done with our wonderful candidate Sharon. The brightener had a great effect on the overall skin tone and coloring within 2 weeks. Sure, Sharon didn't have very noticable spots to begin with, but it overall she finds her skin much lighter and uniform now. 


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