What Is a Cleanser ?

We usually come across the word cleanser in our daily life but a few of us know what they really are. If you are also asking yourself what is a cleanser, than read below for the answer.

A cleanser is a substance that has properties of a cleaning agent which is used to clean a surface that has oil, grime or dirt to it. Cleansers are mostly used for washing body and hair, removing the makeup and cleaning nails and teeth. In short these are to help in personal hygiene.

Shampoos and soaps are the most common type of cleansers used by us. These contain ingredients that help in removing oil and dust from hair, face and body. Soaps are available in both solid form and liquid from whereas shampoos are in liquid form.

These are usually used after adding a little water to them. The leather produced by these basically helps in removing all the dirt and excess oil. In this way you can keep your hair and skin healthy.

Apart from the common cleansers, cleansers that help in specific issues of hygiene are also available. For example, a number of Acne cleansers are available that help in removing excess dirt and oil from the pores of the skin thus preventing the condition of acne. These cleansers also help in reducing blackheads and preventing them from reappearing.

Cleansers that are specifically used to remove makeup are also available in the market. These contain ingredients that remove all the traces of makeup that is set deep in the skin thus preventing any damage to the skin.

You can find several ranges of common cleansers in supermarkets and retail stores. Prescription and medicated cleansers are available at pharmacies and natural cleansers are easily available at health and skin care shops. You can easily get a cleanser within your budget and can be satisfied by its result.

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